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Accelerating Times is our free HTML newsletter, with broad coverage of scientific, technological, business, and humanist dialogs in accelerating change. Frequency of once or twice a year. Newsletter is presently on hiatus while I write my book, but you can still sign up for it above.

Archive issues.

Privacy: Contact info is kept confidential and never sold.

Scope: We report news from any location, and events in North America, until we have more global representatives. Regional and international moderators warmly welcomed. We consider issues of the coming singularity from a wide variety of scientific, technological, economic, social, aesthetic and personal perspectives.

ASF Community: Your active participation is vital to any insights we gain. Please inform the editor (johnsmart{at}accelerating{dot}org) of any news or analysis you wish to share with the community. The Accelerating Times subscription list is now 4,600 acceleration-aware individuals with a wide variety of backgrounds.

John Kao notes that the power of a network rises as a function of the "diversity, curiosity, and commitment" of its participants. We seek to maximize diversity, to fan the flames of intellectual curiosity, and to report examples of and opportunities for intellectual and personal commitment.

Together, we can significantly improve the multidisciplinary analysis, understanding, and management of the continually surprising phenomenon of accelerating change.

Thanks for adding your energy and insight to the community!